The main activity of AIKO GROUP is the supply of advanced and high-tech agricultural machinery and equipment to Ukraine. We offer a wide range of equipment for almost all types of agricultural activities: tillage and sowing equipment, machinery for haymaking and fodder procurement, for fertilizing, as well as equipment for precision farming.

The company is an official dealer of global manufacturers of agricultural machinery such as:

Over 20 years of history we have spent 20 agricultural seasons together with agrarians. During this time, the climate has changed, which in turn requires constant review of technologies for tillage, sowing, fodder procurement, as well as introduction of technologies for precision farming, etc. We are proud to be one of the first companies to offer Ukrainian farmers solutions to problems by introducing innovative technologies and high-tech agricultural machinery.


American manufacturer of sowing equipment, which is reliable, durable and easy to use. Seeders. Reloading hoppers. High-speed harrows. Reliable, innovative and easy to use agricultural equipment that provides high productivity during peak seasons. Durable KINZE equipment, able to work in difficult conditions, but at the same time easy to operate and maintain.


Manufacturer of reliable attached and trailed agricultural equipment that meets the current needs of the farmers' market. Founded in Ontario in 1978, Salford Farm Machinery now owns plants and design offices in the United States and Canada.


One of the world leaders in the production of agricultural machinery for tillage, plant residue shredding, sowing, haymaking and fertilizing. Since its foundation in 1828, the company has been distinguished by its customer orientation and professional approach to innovation.

AgLeader Technology

For more than 20 years, the American company Ag Leader Technology has been a leader in the development of innovative systems in agriculture and offers the most complete package of precision farming technologies on the market. Ag Leader offers a full range of GNSS devices for automatic driving, field preparation, Variable Rate Technology, navigation, mapping and more.

Lozova Machinery

Ukrainian manufacturer of energy-efficient units for sowing and tillage, adapted to various traction equipment. The company offers a wide range of harrows, cultivators, transportation trailers, sprayers and subsoil cultivators for small farms and large agricultural enterprises.


Rolmako is a Polish manufacturer of high-quality tillage equipment, which has been confidently occupying a leading position in the European agricultural market since 1982. Rolmako machinery - proven agricultural solutions, modern production technologies, simple and robust construction, high quality steel products, strong paintwork and low maintenance costs.


Since 1930, Rhino AG has been producing patented trailed and semi-mounted equipment for tractors: mulchers, rotary mowers, cultivators, wheeled rakes, hay tedders for soil preparation and field care.

Caffini Spa

Caffini Spa is an Italian company specializing in the production of plant protection machines, founded in 1924 in Palu in the province of Verona. Its main specialization is the production of garden sprayers and open field sprayers.

Pentair Hypro

“Pentair Hypro” is the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality spraying equipment and reliable liquid pumping solutions. From the pump to the nozzle and everything in between, “Pentair Hypro” products are carefully engineered to meet your agricultural spraying needs.

TeeJet Technologies

For more than 60 years, the American company "TeeJet Technologies" has been engaged in the development and production of accessories for liquid spraying in agriculture. In 1980, the “TeeJet” company was one of the first to launch the production of electronic control, taking a leading position in the market of precision agriculture.
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